Ed Eclipse Pad - Main View
Ed Eclipse Pad - Main View

Meet the future of hoof care

3D printed pads designed as a solution to hoof pain

Ed Eclipse Pad - Main View
Ed Eclipse Pad - Main View

Meet the future of hoof care

3D inspired pads designed as a solution to hoof pain

Our goal

3D HoofCare is dedicated to both improving the quality of equine hooves and helping the equine athlete maximize it's performance.

Using the horses natural bare foot as our reference point, 3D HoofCare is constantly looking at ways to maintain a healthy hoof using the very best trimming protocols, in unison with modern materials and techniques, innovated hoof pads and traditional horseshoes.

3D HoofCare has a range of products which can help both hoof care professionals around the world and the amazing horses they work on.

Meet the farrier who started it all

Derek Poupard is the owner and inventor of 3D HoofCare and HoofCast. After starting his career as a farrier in South Africa, he's since traveled the world having the opportunity to work in the USA, Dubai and United Kingdom on the highest profile horses in the world.

Having spent most of his career ambitiously trying to improve the quality of a horse's hoof, his latest efforts have shown positive results in a very short time frame.

Through the use of incorporating the latest technologies such as 3D printing to create the HoofCare product, as well as developing this product alongside his own HoofCast product, the goal was to emulate the horse hoof in its natural state of being barefoot.

With the use of his products, horses around the world are able to reach their full potential in a way that's never been seen before.


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Proven and tested all around the world

Farriers all around the world have seen first hand what our products can achieve. Below are just a few example cases where our products helped a horse in dire need of care and attention.


"This New Yorker would like to thank Derek Poupard - 3D HoofCare for creating a 3D pad and shoe to help my horse that has navicular and consistent lameness in the right foot. Derek collaborated with my farrier, Eric Abramson, to get the job done just right."

Sandy Wood

"You may not remember helping me with half mesh pads for my horses, but I can't thank you enough. The change in my horses hooves has taken a few months, but I'm so very pleased with where they are at now."

Alison Osborne

"Paul has just shod Charlie with the wedges you made for us. I wish we'd taken before and after videos as he's immediately a million times happier. Before, he was very cautious walking on the yard and in fact had been noticeably lame both fronts the last couple days. As soon as the new shoeing was done, he was standing upright and striding out like a man on a mission!" 


"Purchased the latest version of the 3D printed half mesh pads with 3 degree wedge. Absolutely fantastic for a horse that suffered a broken back, HPA and low heels. This is the third application and it's going brilliantly. Thanks to Derek Poupard for this brilliant new way of helping these race horses!"

Ashley Berry

"The pads have made such a difference already in just 6 weeks. You can see just how much heel she has grown and how well her alignment has held during the 6 week cycle. Normally her heels were crushed and her toe would get really long."

Jaime Hammond

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