Hi, I'm Derek Poupard

Over 35 years of Farrier experience

I started my Farrier career in South Africa and have now worked in the USA, Dubai and The United Kingdom on some of the most high profile horses in the world (on the left here is myself and Ghaiyyath who was the highest rated racehorse in the world and Cartier Horse of the year 2020).  I have spent most of my career always trying to improve the quality of our Equine friend's hooves and this latest technology I have developed along with my own HoofCast product (see link below) definitely has an impact on the horses hooves as I am seeing the positive results in a very short time. The aim of this 3D Hoofcare project is to emulate the horse hoof in its natural state of being barefoot.

3D print designs as a solution to hoof pain.

Although 3d Printing has been around for many years I have quickly adapted it to be used in our trade. The benefit of being able to design, print and apply in a matter of hours has made this whole process evolve very quickly with new designs almost daily now. Because of the speed of this evolution and the ability to improve designs and also bespoke pads for specific horses has made this a very popular product. To keep updated please join our Facebook page that regulars updates with the latest designs and applications





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