Find the Perfect Fit for Your Horse Hoof Products

Introducing the 'Find My Size' app - the ultimate tool to help you find the right fit for your equine hoof products. Simply take a photo of your horses hoof and let our app do the rest, ensuring optimal comfort and performance for your equine athlete.
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Find the Perfect Size for Optimal Hoof Care

With our app, you can accurately measure your horse's hoof size to ensure the best fit for hoof care products. Say goodbye to ill-fitting shoes and pads!

Easy to Use

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to measure your horse's hooves with precision.

Accurate Results

Our app uses advanced algorithms to provide accurate measurements for optimal hoof care.
A phone showing the Find My Size app instructions.

Wide Product Range

Discover a wide selection of hoof care products tailored to your horse's specific needs.

Save Time

No more trial and error - find the right size for your horse's hooves in no time.